The New Mexico Breakfast Club

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2022 Alamogordo Hamfest
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Mary (KC5CRK) - Pam (KC7IDG) - Jimm (K5RWS) - Greg (KD5OH)

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Chris (W5CBP) - Smitty (K5UOT) - Martha - Ken (K5LQN)

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Jerry (KI5HPW) - Doug (KB5FWD)

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Alf (W5ALL) - Martha

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Martin (WB5LJO)

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Gary (NM5GB) - Alf (W5ALL)

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Alan (NM5SP) - Susanne - Pam (KC7IDG) - Jimm (K5RWS)

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Socorro - Bruce (KT4ET) - Smitty (K5UOT)

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Jimm (K5RWS) - Greg (KD5OH) - Larry (K5DQI) - Alf (W5ALL)
Roadrunner net controls for Wednesday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

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Jimm (K5RWS) - Greg (KD5OH) - Alan (NM5SP) - Smitty (K5UOT) - Susanne

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Larry (K5DQI) - Kay

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Charlotte (KC5KWI) - Richard (KC5EVR)

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Chris (WS5B)

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Rick (K5RIC)

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Wayne (K5ONE) - Janie

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Wayne (W0ZW)


Jimm (K5RWS) - Greg (KD5OH) - Larry (K5DQI) - Alf (W5ALL) - Ken (K5LQN) - Kay

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 Front: Kay, Pam (KC7IDG), Mary (KC5CRK), Susanne - Back Larry (K5DQI), Steve (KC5BJV)


pictures from Martin (WB5LJO) of The Breakfast Club/RoadRunner Net - April 1981 at the Dona Ana Fairgrounds - It's believed that the outline was made by Loyt Lathrop (W5YSK)

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pictures from Charlotte (KC5KWI) of Richard's (KC5EVR) cable project -12-29-20 - Click Here

pictures from Charlotte of the antenna work party at Marks house 3-5-20 - Click Here

pictures from Quartzfest 2020 from Judy (KC7KPG)

Tony (KC8NUR) and Judy (KC7KPG), The Burning man, Kevin (KB9RLW) and Judy (KC7KPG) and Ajo (K1OIQ)

Tony KC8NUR and Judy KC7KPG (800x600) (2) (800x600).jpg (263920 bytes)Burning Ham Man almost gone.jpj (800x600).jpg (198960 bytes)Burning Ham Man.jpj (800x600).jpg (329906 bytes)Kevin KB9RLW, Judy KC7KPG and Ajo K1OIQ (800x600).jpg (285276 bytes)

Jerry (KE5VJB) and Cleis and the national Christmas tree when it stopped in Capitan on 11/15/2019

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Richard (KC5EVR) and Charles (KG5BVE) working on Richard's tower with a bucket truck

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2019 Socorro HamFest - pictures from Charlotte (KC5KWI) - Thanks Charlotte

k9gaj.jpg (247546 bytes)n5dlo.jpg (159559 bytes)n6sik.jpg (230042 bytes)w0zw-kc5evr.jpg (164128 bytes)wa0qje-w5qcp.jpg (218599 bytes)


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A couple more from John (K6KUF) - Thanks John

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Same as the group photo above but WA0QJE is in the last one too.

As Richard (KC5EVR) was able to leave the hospital after rehab the hospital staff has an ceremony
where they line the halls for a round of applause - 4-9-2019.

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pictures from Charlotte (KC5KWI) of her and Richard's (KC5EVR) support efforts for the Bataan Memorial March - 3-17-2019 -  Click Here to open

pictures from Charlotte (KC5KWI) of her and Richard's (KC5EVR) trip to Quartzsite -  Click Here to open

pictures from Charlotte (KC5KWI) of her and Richard's (KC5EVR) visit with Ray (KE5QFQ) and his wife Judy in Green Valley, AZ
1) Ray and Judy  2) Ray and Richard in Ray's shack  3)The Shack 4) Antennas 5) Richard, Charlotte, Judy and Ray Dinner out

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Don Grab (K5BIS) and Bill Raue (K5KKO)
At the 1996 MVRC BeanFeed
Good friends and now
both Silent Keys
Back together again - May they rest in peace

(Picture courtesy of WB5LJO - Thanks Martin) 

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Bill Raue (K5KKO) and a fellow ham from Deming at the 1984 Las Cruces Bean Feed
(Picture courtesy of WB5LJO - thanks Martin)

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Richard (KC5EVR) and Charlotte (KC5KWI) Chili drop
New years eve 2018/19

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Smitty (K5UOT) and Mary Dec, 2018

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Richard (KC5EVR) and Don Grab (K5BIS) - 26 Dec, 2018

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Charlotte (KC5KWI), Richard (KC5EVR), Bob (K5PPP) and Verna (N5PPP)
Supporting the 5k run in the Las Cruces - Thanksgiving 2018
(Bob and Verna's daughter ran in the run - some of the entries also shown)

Charlotte (KC5KWI) in her MG and Richard (KC5EVR) in his '29 Model A
in the Las Cruces Veterans Day Parade 2018

pictures - From John (K6KUF) at the Socorro HamFest 20 Sept 2018









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