The New Mexico Breakfast Club

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Don Grab (K5BIS) and Bill Raue (K5KKO)
At the 1996 MVRC BeanFeed
Good friends and now
both Silent Keys
Back together again - May they rest in peace

(Picture courtesy of WB5LJO - Thanks Martin) 

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Richard (KC5EVR) and Charlotte (KC5KWI) Chili drop
New years eve 2018/19

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Smitty (K5UOT) and Mary Dec, 2018

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Richard (KC5EVR) and Don Grab (K5BIS) - 26 Dec, 2018

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Charlotte (KC5KWI), Richard (KC5EVR), Bob (K5PPP) and Verna (N5PPP)
Supporting the 5k run in the Las Cruces - Thanksgiving 2018
(Bob and Verna's daughter ran in the run - some of the entries also shown)

Charlotte (KC5KWI) in her MG and Richard (KC5EVR) in his '29 Model A
in the Las Cruces Veterans Day Parade 2018

Pictures - From John (K6KUF) at the Socorro HamFest 20 Sept 2018









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