The New Mexico Breakfast Club

The New Mexico Breakfast Club is a group of amateur radio operators from around New Mexico and the Southwest that get together every morning to share fellowship and information. We meet every morning on 3.939 kHz (LSB) from 06:30 until 07:30 Mountain time, as we have for many decades. We regularly have check-ins from across the country and any amateur licensed to operate on the frequency is welcome to join us. We also host an Early Bird session on 3.939 before the Club starts from 06:00 until 06:30 for the early risers.

We have a lot of good members and a lot of check-ins so we have several really great Club Control stations that take check-ins and help keep things organized. The current Club Control schedule is below although there may be someone else filling in if a station is out of pocket for one reason or another (vacations, illness etc). You won't typically hear the same Club Control from one day to the next.

The Breakfast Club Control Stations

Sunday AB5KF Steve Rio Rancho, NM
Monday KD5OH Greg Alamogordo, NM
Tuesday W5ALL Alf Alamogordo, NM
Wednesday AD5SX Paul Stanley, NM
Thursday KE5VJB Jerry Lincoln, NM
Friday KD5OH Greg Alamogordo, NM
Saturday AB5KF Steve Rio Rancho, NM

Early Bird Control Stations

Sunday W6HJ Dan Sandia Park, NM
Monday W6HJ Dan Sandia Park, NM
Tuesday N5DLO Mark Williamsburg, NM
Wednesday K5UOT Smitty Clovis, NM
Thursday KE5VJB Jerry Lincoln, NM
Friday AD5SX Paul Stanley, NM
Saturday KC5SKE Brad Organ, NM

Scheduled Control Station Substitutions



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Substitute Club Control



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